President Obama just proved that his supposed “jobs speech” is nothing but the first part of Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign and no effort to work with anyone to solve the nation’s economic woes.

But Obama’s pretended focus on “jobs” has always been a head fake. First off he ran for president in 2008 as the jobs president claiming that he wanted to put American back to work. Repeatedly during his first two years he claimed he was all about jobs. Yet it took to year three for him to finally bother to get around to that all important “jobs speech.” Then he scheduled a joint session to Congress that he didn’t arrange properly with Congress and had to move it to the next day. He finally gave the speech but even after telling Congress to “pass this bill” about 50 times, he didn’t have any bill to give them. That, he said, would come in a week or so. Now we finally have some semblance of a bill — even though the Senate agrees the bill is not fully written — and the Senate now says it won’t take it up for a while.

In all, it doesn’t appear that Obama is really in a hurry, does it?

Well, now he’s put a monkey wrench in his claim to want to “compromise” with Congress to “pass this bill now.”

Obama has said that he will veto any bill that doesn’t have giant tax hikes in it, too.

This makes it plain that Obama doesn’t care anything about any jobs bill. Obama is putting poison pills in this bill so that the GOP won’t pass it and so that he can then have a talking point for his 2012 campaign.

But, let’s face it. Even the Democrats don’t seem to be in any big hurry to “pass this bill now.” Everyone knows that the president is not serious and that his so-called bill is just the same old, unworkable nonsense he’s been spouting for three years.