Since Friday, Barack Obama and his White House has been cringing and spinning some bitter criticism stemming from the new Ron Suskind book, ″Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington, and the Education of a President.″ The book portrays the Obama administration as very dysfunctional, with chaos among his economic team to possible discrimination against female staff members. The Suskind book is just the latest sign of the past two weeks that the Democrat Establishment has become disenchanted with Obama, leading to the ongoing whisper campaign for him to accept fate and withdraw from attempting a reelection. Since this summer, the polite term some Democrats have been throwing out in the Media is calling the Obama presidency a ′historical accident′, diminishing his relevance as a political figure.

ron suskind book

I have mentioned before in earlier posts how the gossip website,, has reported that the New York Times is preparing to publish an article about Obama being clinically depressed. That he is unhappy and feels overwhelmed by circumstances, which will lead to him withdrawing his reelection campaign. What is really going on is that the Democrat Establishment is very worried about losing control of the Senate, as well as more House seats, in addition to the White House in 2012. The new Ron Suskind book exemplifies the errors of the Obama administration which is causing some of this nervousness.

Personally, I do not see Obama′s enormous ego bringing him to such a point. But if the NY Times were to pull the trigger and publish such a piece, it would send a powerful signal to the Democrat Establishment, and more importantly campaign donors, that an Obama reelection simply is not going to happen. For Obama to actually be forced to withdraw by party elders would damage the Democrats for the next 20 years, since the African-American base would be furious. On the other hand, Obama is already setting up a situation where the Democrats will be politically damaged for the next 4 to 8 years anyway. Party elitists are already calculating that upsetting the base really won′t matter as much since they have no place else to go.

The Ron Suskind book describes the chaos among Obama′s economic team where players like Larry Summers and Timothy Geithner acted on their own, ignoring Barack Obama. The we have passages from Anita Dunn and Christina Romer whom allegedly felt like they were being undermined in their staff positions simply for being women. Anita Dunn is quoted by Suskind as saying of the White House ″this place would be in court for a hostile workplace.″ Christina Romer is quoted saying that Larry Summers at a meeting made her ″felt like a piece of meat.″ Both women on Friday have denied they said these things to Suskind. If he had recorded his interviews with them, then that could be one more argument for Barack Obama being a ‘historical accident.’