Its Monday, the start of another week and Barack Obama will plague us with yet another speech. This time from the Rose Garden of the White House on deficit reduction. The latest Obama ′plan′ is for $3 Trillion in deficit reductions over the next ten years. $1.5 Trillion comes in tax increases, about $800 Billion of which is said to be based on ending the Bush Tax Cuts. Part of the rest will be based on ′guidelines′ for taxing millionaires, actually any family earning $250,000 a year or more, with what Obama calls the ′Buffett Rule′, named after Warren Buffett, is really the Buffett Tax. Another $1.1 Trillion is based on ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The rest of the $580 Billion comes from alleged spending cuts, mostly from Medicare and Medicaid. Much like the Obama jobs bill, this plan is already D.O.A. as neither Republican nor Democrat lawmakers think it can pass.

So, once again, we get more political theater from the Obama administration. One White House official describes this latest ′plan′ as more like a ′Declaration of Purposes′ than an actual, serious proposal for reducing deficit spending. He must have been watching ″Citizen Kane″, and we all know just how well Kane′s ′Declaration of Purposes′ went. Kane promised to his newspapers readers ″honest news″, but the same edition carried a salacious, fabricated story of a man murdering his wife.

Obama had promised that this new plan would promote major tax reform. Instead, all we get is more tax bureaucracy. More rules requiring more compliance. American businesses are already spending some $450 Billion dollars a year to comply with the current tax laws. Plus another $600 Billion to as much as $1 Trillion dollars to comply with other federal regulations. That is every year! Think of how much ′stimulus′ that much capital would inject into our economy, how many jobs could be created, if the laws and codes were truly simplified. But Obama is just making things even more complicated, adding more cost and uncertainty.

So if you miss today′s speech by Barack Obama from the White House Rose Garden on deficit reduction, do not worry. What he says is a plan actually is not a plan. None of it will pass either the House nor Senate, not even the Buffett Tax. Not even the ′Buffett Rule′ named after Warren Buffett. The only good news is that Obama will not interfere with our evening television viewing, nor waste taxpayer dollars flying someplace to deliver the speech.