First he reported that his wife, Michaele Salahi, was kidnapped. Now husband Tareq Salahi files for divorce after learning his wife ran off with guitarist Neal Schon of Journey. So ends the strange marriage of Tareq and Michaele Salahi, infamous for their crashing the White House to attend a state dinner Barack Obama threw for the Prime Minister of India. The Salahi′s were one of the couples featured on the Bravo-TV series, ′The Real Housewives of Washington, DC.′ The Salahi couple even testified before Congress on national television claiming that they were invited guests to the White House event, while many suspect that this was just a mere publicity stunt. Some even think this alleged kidnapping and divorce is yet another vain attempt to seek attention.

tareq salahi divorce
Poor Tareq Salahi flies for divorce from his wife, Michaele. Image Credit: Carrie Devorah /

Who can blame them if they were? Just consider for a moment where we are now as a nation. Barack Obama demanded a joint session of Congress to make a speech about his Obama jobs plan, which has no chance of being passed at all. Instead he used the event more as a campaign stump speech more than a major address on national policy.

Practically everyday, Barack Obama appears somewhere making another stupid speech that, again, is a campaign speech, yet we taxpayers foot the tab for his jet-setting, speech-giving addiction. Obama is an addict, as he is addicted to the spotlight. His ego is so large that he has become a compulsive annoyance. If the website Gawker is correct with their sources, the New York Times is preparing an article about Obama being clinically depressed. Of course, the true purpose of such an article is for the Democrat power elites to force Obama to end his reelection bid and walk away quietly before he brings down the entire party in 2012.

Such is the fate of publicity hounds. So insecure in their lives, they must extend themselves to the general public, seeking attention to satisfy their enormous egos. Naturally, such satisfaction is a myth. There can never be enough, leading to just more and more efforts to find the public′s love. To this end, there is little difference between Tareq and Michaele Salahi and Barack and Michelle Obama, other than the Obamas have their own 747 jumbo jet and an entourage of thousands.

I suppose we should feel sorry that Tareq Salahi has filed for divorce. Had Michaele Salahi been kidnapped, then he would get the public′s sympathy. But since all she did was run off with guitarist Neal Schon of Journey, Tareq barely qualifies for the sympathy due an abandoned spouse. Barack Obama is seeking sympathy of his own, how he must contend with all those mean Republicans in Congress. But his real enemies are his own fellow Democrats. Harry Reid has put the Obama jobs plan on the back-burner in the Senate. In the House, Democrat members of Congress have yet to even file the Obama jobs bill. They know, as we do, that it is just another lame stimulus package that will not create one single job. Perhaps Obama should take a cue from Tareq, who at least has come to grips with his failings by filing for divorce. The best way Obama could create a job is to resign and spare us 14 more months of his nonsense.