Today, the Day of Rage 2011 protest hit Wall Street, or tried to. The Day of Rage protest was first announced on March 11 by former ACORN head, Wade Rathke, to sympathize with the Arab Spring movement, such as seen at Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt. The plan was for SEIU, the Service Employee International Union, to organize 100,000 Leftists, Marxists, Anarchists, and other non-bathing nere-do-wells into assembling in front of the New York Stock Exchange and occupying the area for several months. This then got downgraded to just 20,000 hopeful anti-capitalism protesters. But when the big day arrived, barely a thousand showed up and police had barricades set up keeping the lunatics well outside the financial district.

day of rage wall street

As in the case of the Arab Spring, the Day of Rage protest here was to make wide use of social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter to organize and rally supporters. Webpages like and others were set up to accomplish this end. They even warned their protesters not to bring tents, as that is against the law and would provoke an immediate response by authorities. Given how many people showed up, they could have used a shoe box.

The Far-Left has been jealous of the power of the Tea Party movement, as well as the 9/12 Project and Glenn Beck. Beck, you may recall, brought together over 500,000 people to the Washington Mall last summer for his Restoring Honor rally. Tea Party demonstrations, especially on key dates like April 15, occur in over 100 cities and towns nationwide, drawing tens of thousands. SEIU had hoped to have rallies today in 20 cities, but even that number has fallen short.

The Day of Rage 2011 protest being held near Wall Street today has been a disappointment for organizers, as barely a thousand attending, not the hoped for 20,000. Yet another sign that Wade Rathke, former ACORN founder, and fellow SEIU thugs have lost power and their anti-capitalism argument since Obama was elected. Unlike the protests in Tahrir Square of Arab Spring, the tyranny here is less about Wall Street than it is the Obama agenda of failed economic policies. Even his own party is balking at his jobs bill with Harry Reid putting it on the back-burner in the Senate while House Democrats have yet to even file the Obama jobs bill for consideration.