Today is Constitution Day, 2011, the 224th anniversary of its signing on September 17, 1787. Hard to image that our nation is still clinging to this document of freedom. While most Progressive politicians, like Barack Obama, view the Constitution has an obstacle, members of the Tea Party movement consider it vital that we return to its roots. Along with the Bill of Rights, which was not fully ratified until December 15, 1791, the United States Constitution forms the base of our form of republican government. While many schools celebrated today this past week with a Constitution Day quiz, worksheets and other activities for kids, Congressman Ron Paul is planning on raising a ton of cash as his supporters supply him with a ′money bomb′ today.

constitution day 2011

Of course, whenever a Republican candidate or Tea Party member mentions ′returning to the U.S. Constitution′, the Far-Left Socialist Democrats fire back objections. Their favorite is to claim Conservatives and Libertarians want to return to the days of slavery, or at least child labor. They promote the concept of the Constitution being a ′living document′, which should be bent, folded and manipulated for each new generation. Twisting the foundations of our individual liberties completely and distorting self-government. The Progressive Liberals believe that an intellectual elite should rule over The People, as they cannot be trusted to govern themselves.

But our Founding Fathers had a much different view. That our nation should be the shining example of small, limited government where The People know what is best for themselves. They had fought a revolution against a distant, autocratic body ruling over them without representation. The past century, however, has been marred by Progressives like Woodrow Wilson and FDR who have turned Washington, DC into a bureaucratic nightmare of laws and regulations, too numerous and convoluted to be known or understood by the average citizen. Barack Obama follows this line of thought, approving of some 25,000 pages of new federal regulations just in the past year. Some of which borders on the ridiculous, such as treating the disposal of lip balm as a hazardous material.

So while you celebrate Constitution Day, 2011 today, remember that this document is not about giving the government power over us, but is about limiting the power of government and protecting us, The People, from tyranny. This should be the point behind a Constitution Day quiz for kids, or other worksheets and activities. Along with the Bill of Rights, the U.S. Constitution protects our individual freedoms. The principles of liberty and self government were given to us by the Founding Fathers when they drafted the United States Constitution. It is up to us to protect and maintain it. Otherwise, our future will be a bleak one.