Move over Barack Obama! The new Bloomberg National Poll not only has Hillary Clinton the most popular politician in America, but two-thirds wish she were president instead of Obama. Even Dick Cheney thinks Secretary of State Hilary Clinton would make a better president. One respondent to the poll, Susan Dunlop of Florida, says″I don′t think she would have bent as much.″ The majority of those polled say life was much better during the Clinton Administration. The poll has her favorables rated at 64%, compared to the most recent Gallup poll putting Obama′s at 39%.

hillary clinton poll

So is this just nostalgia run amok? Has Obama depressed the nation so much that a pet rock would be viewed as a better national leader? For her part, Hillary Clinton is happy being Secretary of State. A high prestige job that keeps her in the limelight, and out of the country, just enough to suit her taste. She has repeated stated that she has no desire to run for office again.

But there is a growing whisper campaign among Democrats for Obama to step aside and drop his reelection bid. Much like LBJ in 1968, they want Obama to claim that he has decided to not seek a second term so he may focus all his efforts on the economy. Which, of course, means playing more golf and making more dull, boring speeches. Democrats are very worried that Obama will ruin the entire slate of candidates, especially the 23 Senate seats that are up for grabs in 2012. Stories of how Obama is clinically depressed and even disinterested in continuing in office are leaking everywhere the past two weeks.

Whether you agree or not, the new Bloomberg National Poll finds Secretary of State Hilary Clinton the most popular politician in America. Most believe that compared to Barack Obama, President Hillary Clinton would do a better job. Even Dick Cheney thinks a new Clinton Administration would be a welcome relief.