Yesterday we learned about the new LightSquared scandal and how 4-star Air Force General William Shelton, commander of U.S. Space Command, told a classified Congressional committee that the Barack Obama White House tried to pressure him into changing his testimony. Gen. Shelton aired concerns that the Obama administration wanted to expedite a plan by LightSquared to expand broadband wireless service. The problem being that they intend to use a portion of the radio spectrum that would interfere with the GPS satellite system. The company′s largest investor had made significant campaign donations to the Obama 2008 election. Now, the Federal Aviation Administration, FAA, joins the military in concerns that LightSquared′s 4G network could render the current GPS system, needed for accurate navigation, useless.

lightsquared scandal

The LightSquared scandal comes in on the heels of the Solyndra scandal, which is expanding. We now have learned that some 20 ′green technology′ companies received federal stimulus money as part of Obama′s green jobs initiatives. Five of these firms have since filed for bankruptcy, with Solyndra being Number 6. The Obama initiative only created at best some 3,500 ′green jobs′ at a cost to the taxpayers of $5 MILLION DOLLARS EACH! What LightSquared, Solyndra and the others all have in common are the cozy ties to the White House and being financial donors to Obama′s 2008 presidential campaign. In the case of Solyndra, they originally applied for their loan during the Bush-43 administration, but a Treasury Department panel ruled on January 9, 2009 that Solyndra was on shaky financial ground and would probably go bust by September 2011, so they halted the loan process. Once elected, Obama and his staff reopened the loan and rushed it through despite warnings from several agencies.

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For a good laugh, Sister Toldjah reports how NPR is comparing Obama to Jesus due to his jobs bill proposal. At Michelle Malkin we have an article about how Mayor Mike Bloomberg is blaming the average American for Obama′s failures. Meanwhile, The Lonely Conservative is following the protest march story for tomorrow as Marxists assault Wall Street. Finally, at Andrew Breitbart′s we have the hot video of the day with James Carville telling Obama its time to panic and fire a bunch of his staffers.

Good idea, James, but a bit too late. Obama is now embroiled in multiple scandals involving crony capitalism. The LightSquared scandal joins the ranks of the Solyndra scandal. Some are also looking at other corporations which received special treatment, such as General Electric and now Darden, which owns several major restaurant chains and got waivers from ObamaCare, is now partnering with Michelle Obama and changing their menus. Soon, children may need a written permission letter from their parents just to buy french fries. All of this is coming at a time when the economy is tanking and elections are approaching. Leading some Democrats to begin a whisper campaign about Barack Obama withdrawing his reelection bid. Wouldn′t that be something!