Not long ago, many in the Media had written off Glenn Beck. They claimed he was fired from Fox News due to poor ratings and low advertising sales. Well, they were wrong then and now Beck is back with GBTV, his own Internet-based video network. His new 2-hour program, which airs weekdays between 5-7pm EDT started this week. GBTV was launched back in June, airing several programs, including one hosted by Conservative writer, S. E. Cupp. Since June, GBTV has gone from 80,000 paying subscribers to 230,000 now. The Oprah Winfrey Network, OWN, which also launched recently on cable providers, only has about 170,000 viewers. That makes Glenn Beck bigger than Oprah. Soon, he may even be richer than her as well. The tagline for GBTV is ″The truth lives here″ should perhaps be changed to ″Capitalism lives here.″

glenn beck GBTV
Glenn Beck returns with a two-hour daily program on his latest venture, GBTV, an Internet-based video network. Image Credit: Carrie Devorah /

While with Fox News, Glenn beck was getting a salary of $2.5 million per year for doing his one-hour show. Subscribers are paying $9.95 per month to access GBTV. Currently, Beck is offering a two-week free trial, though you will have to give credit card info to sign up, then cancel prior to the end of the free trial if you do not want to be charged. But at this rate of growth, Beck could start raking in $30 million just in his first year, and Glenn has full ownership! If all goes well, Glenn Beck could have over a million subscribers, more than quadrupling the revenue intake to more than $120 million per year. Beck′s other operations, from radio, books and his new news website, The Blaze, Glenn is poised to earn over $40 million per year just from those projects.

Viewers of GBTV will be comfortable as Glenn Beck is still using his trusty blackboards. The overall tone of his new program is geared more towards activism. Free from the constraints of Fox News, Beck is no longer just telling people what is going on, but now what to do about it, too! This should scare the pants off of George Soros and the entire Left-Wing, Progressive movement. Just as Obi-won warned Darth Vader, ″Strike me down and I shall return more powerful than you can imagine.″ A great many television analysts are watching GBTV carefully to see how Beck′s Internet subscription business model works. That Glenn Beck and his GBTV has already surpassed the Oprah Winfrey Network, which is struggling to find an audience, Beck could be paving the way for more alternative programming.