The Gallup Daily Tracking Poll shows that Barack Obama continues to sink, dipping down to 39% job approval. The past 24 hours have been rough ones for Obama with more Democrat lawmakers coming out against his jobs bill, another ′unexpected′ increase in new jobless claims, and a potential crony-capitalism scandal over the $535 million dollar Solyndra loan. But now another possible case of White House interference is surfacing, this one with National Security implications. LightSquared, a broadband wireless company, is seeking a piece of a $15 billion dollar federal program for expanding broadband and wireless Internet service. The problem is, the frequencies they want to use on the radio spectrum are very close to those used by military GPS satellites. Last week, an Air Force general from U.S. Space Command told a closed-door Congressional hearing that the White House put pressure on him to change his testimony such that it would be more favorable to LightSquared.

GPS satellite

According to The Daily Beast, the Virginia-based telecom firm′s majority stock holder is an investment company run by Philip Falcone, a major Democrat campaign donor. Much like the case of Solyndra, as well as other companies that have received special considerations from the Obama administration, like General Electric, the LightSquared case may become a serious issue for the Obama White House.

The radio spectrum used by the U.S. military′s GPS satellite system was meant to be isolated, with neighboring frequencies limited to low-powered transmissions only. However, LightSquared intends to use a full-strength signal for its broadband wireless program. Such could jeopardize navigation systems for our entire military.

That a four-star general told a Congressional committee that the White House wanted him to change his testimony to the committee in order to benefit LightSquared is appalling. This case, coupled with the Solyndra scandal and five other ′green technology′ companies which may also have received federal loans and contracts thanks to the White House intervention paints a picture of blatant influence peddling. That all of these companies had investors and senior executives being major campaign contributors to Barack Obama in 2008, and now appear to being rewarded with taxpayer dollars in the billions is getting very ugly. The Obama administration seems to be spiraling out of control in recent months as more of their actions become public. Such could explain why the latest Gallup Daily Tracking Poll has Obama at 39% job approval. The nation has lost confidence in him.