The Solyndra loan situation is evolving into a genuine scandal as White House emails are made public through a Freedom of Information Act request by ABC News. A picture of warnings and cautions being ignored by Obama administration officials, who may have rushed a $535 million dollar loan package merely to give Vice President Joe Biden a photo-op when promoting the stimulus bill of 2009. One email from the White House Office of Management and Budget states that the deal may ″not be ready for prime time.″ Meanwhile, Congressional hearings began yesterday probing into the loan, as well as word that the Treasury Department has tasked its Inspector General to investigate. The relationship between George Kaiser, a major investor in Solyndra and company CEO Brian Harrison to Barack Obama could be seen as potential influence peddling to have the Department of Energy expedite the loan.

Naturally, the White House denies everything. However, the records show that Solyndra executives made four personal visits to the White House and met with high ranking officials, including Obama confidant, Valeria Jarrett, prior to Solyndra′s loan being approved. Subsequent visits number sixteen altogether. George Kaiser was a major contributor and fundraising bundler for Obama′s 2008 presidential campaign. Further reports now that earlier this year, when the financial solvency of Solyndra was questioned, the White House renegotiated the loan lowering the federal government′s position as a creditor behind others, including Kaiser himself. In the space of barely two years, Solyndra not only burned through the $527 million dollars of the loan they received, but also a billion dollars of other investor′s monies raised after the federal loan was approved.

Thanks to the Barack Obama White House, Solyndra, which filed for bankruptcy, is less obligated to pay back the money borrowed from taxpayers. The email trail within the Obama administration shows that there were those who considered the loan a bad risk. Yet, the White House may have pushed the Department of Energy to expedite the $535 million, merely so that Joe Biden can have a photo op. Or was it a payback for the help George Kaiser and Brian Harrison gave the Obama 2008 campaign as fundraisers? Either way, the Solyndra scandal is just beginning to unfold and may call into question other loans dispersed by the Obama administration.