If there was ever a reason to oppose the Obama jobs plan, named the American Jobs Act of 2011, take a look on pages 129 through 134, Subtitle D, Sections 371 through 379. Titled the ′Prohibition of Discrimination in Employment on the Basis of an Individual′s Status as Unemployed, or the ′Fair Employment Opportunity Act of 2011′, being unemployed is raised to the level of gender, race, religion and disabilities under the Civil Rights Act. In short, if you are an employer, and you post a job opening and then not hire somebody who happens to be unemployed, they could potentially sue you for discrimination. Lovely! And this bill of Barack Obama′s is supposed to increase employment? Of course, the Federal and State governments get waivers from this new law. But only the jobs this bill will create are those for trial attorneys.

discriminating unemployed

Now, if I were an employer, would I want to take a chance at making a job opening public and possibly face a time consuming, costly, frivolous lawsuit? No Siree! I would quietly ask around my current employees and see if they know anybody who is looking for a job and maybe hire them. Larger companies, of course, are in a pickle as it would be more difficult to do such stealth hiring. I suppose the White House response to that would be those big corporations can afford frivolous lawsuits.

The Obama jobs plan, or bill, known as the American Jobs Act of 2011 clearly demonstrates something we have already known for almost three years now. That Barack Obama is absolutely clueless about private enterprise. He knows nothing about running a business or making a payroll. Instead he is handing the trial lawyers a big fat bushel of fresh lawsuits to exploit. Hopefully, House Republicans will delete this entire part of the bill, or just defeat outright because of its foolishness.