The Anthony Weiner seat of the New York 9th Congressional District was won yesterday by a Republican for the first time since 1922. Former Cable TV executive Bob Turner won the election for the NY Congressional race against long time Democrat politician David Weprin by a margin of 54% to 46%. Turner′s victory is seen as a referendum on Barack Obama, who carried the district in 2008 by 11% points over John McCain. Turner did make Obama′s economic policies a campaign issue, as well as the Obama adminstration′s stance on Israel, which led to former mayor Ed Koch and other Democrats to support Turner. The NY 9th comprises of about 40% Jewish vote, mostly that of the Orthodox sect. Weprin′s support of same-sex marriage may have also played a role. The Congressional seat required a special election after Anthony Weiner resigned in disgrace from a sexting scandal, emailing provocative pictures of himself to several women.

Anthony Weiner seat

Clearly, yesterday′s election should be a wake up call for the White House and the DNC. The message voters sent was they are unhappy with Obama and Democrats in general. The NY 9th has three times more registered Democrat voters than Republicans. For the GOP to retake the district after 89 years can only be seen as a shot across the bow to the whole Democrat Party. Barack Obama′s base of support has declined, and what may be worse is that the election shows how vulnerable Democrat Senate seats are next year, with 23 up for election.

Bob Turner′s election win for the old Anthony Weiner seat in the New York 9th Congressional District may wind up being short-lived. New York will lose two seats in Congress for the next session starting in 2013 due to the latest U.S. Census results. The NY 9th District is one of the two slated for being absorbed by surrounding districts. So Turner will only serve for just over a year. The defeat of David Weprin is being viewed as also a defeat for Barack Obama and the Democrat Party. Their economic policies have been a failure, and their stance on Israel has caused many long-time Democrats like Ed Koch to actively campaign for the Republican candidate.