An Arizona gun shop owner that was pressed into service by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATF) to illegally sell guns to straw purchasers told the L.A.Times that “Every passing week, I worried” that someone was going to get hurt with the hundreds of thousands of dollars in firearms he was selling to them.

The shop owner, Andre Howard of the Lone Wolf Gun Store in Rio Rico, Arizona, sold guns to people he knew were transporting them to Mexican narco-terrorists for 15 months under orders from the BATF. As time wore on and he never heard of any arrests and saw no announcements of tracking programs made public, Howard’s conscience really began to bother him.

Howard began to question the BATF agents but they sternly ordered him to keep selling the guns anyway.

By December of 2010 U.S. Border Agent Brian Terry was killed by one of the guns the BATF allowed to cross the border into the hands of a violent Mexican drug cartel. The guns found at the scene of Terry murder were traced back to Mr. Howard’s Arizona gun store.

In his first media interview, Howard expresses his devastation over the whole incident.

That isn’t the only violent crime in which the BATF’s guns have been used.

The Department of Justice in Washington said last week that one other Fast and Furious firearm turned up at a violent crime scene in this country. They have yet to provide any more details. They said another 28 Fast and Furious weapons were recovered at violent crimes in Mexico. They have not identified those cases either. The Mexican government maintains that an undisclosed number of Fast and Furious weapons have been found at some 170 crime scenes in their country.

The gun shop owner is heartbroken that his cooperation with the government has led to the death of a U.S. Border Agent. “Was I betrayed? Absolutely yes,” he told the Times.

To add insult to injury, even as Fast and Furious guns are showing up at crime scenes all around the Southwestern U.S. there has been precisely one indictment to come from the efforts of the BATF, the CIA, and other agencies with the Fast and Furious (or Gunwalker) programs.

The sad thing is that the L.A. Times seems to be one of the only Old Media newsoutlets paying close attention to this developing scandal — and kudos to them, too. The rest of the media are ignoring this story preferring instead to attempt to pump us Barack Obama’s falling job approval ratings.

Imagine if this killing had occurred under George W. Bush’s presidency? The Old Media would not tire at revealing this scandal to the country.

Michelle Malkin has a roundup of today’s other Fast and Furious news at her post titled, “Fast and Furious Update: More Guns, More Stonewall.”

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