Ground Zero is still a messy construction site. New Yorkers and families of 9/11 victims have been fighting over a memorial to the fallen since day one. U.S. government officials are being told they have to go to a mosque this week in some absurd attempt to show Muslims we “like” them. Democrats and liberals are still saying 9/11 was all our fault and are claiming that Christians, Tea Partiers, and Republicans are worse than those 15th century, Islamofascist thugs that cut off people’s heads, kill young girls for falling in love, and hang gays from gallows for being gay.

It is ten years later and we still have not learned the lesson that 9/11 should have taught us.

It is true that we’ve materially harmed the major organization that attacked us on 9/11. Though it is a hydra-headed beast, we’ve chopped off many an al Qaeda head. We’ve killed their icon, bin Laden. We’ve taken out many of their leaders that are hard to replace in the short term. We’ve frozen their money and made many of their safe havens unsafe. Even as we speak President Obama has the skies filled with predator drones killing al Qaeda and Taliban members in Afghanistan and Pakistan — and doing a good job of it, too.

But al Qaeda’s main goal seems to have succeeded beyond its wildest dreams. The terror group has succeeded in turning the American left into a co-conspirator, a friend, a helpmate. And we’ve all sat by and allowed it.

Instead of gathering themselves around American ideas, American principles, the American left is trying to inject Islamofascist ideas into our society. Instead of warning our youth of the danger, the left is forcing school children to learn about Islam, not as the enemy to modernity it is, but as a benevolent even benign religion.

Instead of embarking on a program of revealing Islam for the danger it is, the left has turned on other Americans and portrayed them as “the enemy.” Leftists claim that Christians and anyone of the right side of the American equation are worse than the Taliban. The left claims that the ideas and principles upon which this country was formed are somehow more dangerous than those enemy Islamists that have killed so many millions of people worldwide.

From this point, ten years out, it appears that al Qaeda has won an important battle. They have not yet won the war, granted, but they’ve succeeded in turning our society upon itself. And a society that cannot believe in it’s own moral rectitude cannot long stand.

In too many ways, the American left has become the handmaiden of al Qaeda. But it isn’t too late. We can still weaken that mistaken belief that sneaking dark suspicion that the American left has lurking in its heart that Islam was right and justified for its actions on 9/11.

America has come a few small steps toward making extreme leftism a weaker force in American society. Let us pray that this trend continues. Let us hope that this leftism sympathetic to al Qaeda is similarly defeated. For it means our very existence.