Barack Obama calls him ′Uncle Omar′. Onyango Obama released from jail, according to the Boston Globe. He had been arrested for drunk driving and was processed through the Framingham District Court in Massachusetts. When first arrested, Onyango Obama tried calling the White House for help. He was later taken into custody by Immigration Customs Enforcement, ICE, as there is an outstanding deportation case against him. In what can only be described as a very odd coincidence, an attorney in Cleveland named Scott Bratton, who was working on both Uncle Omar′s and Auntie Zeituni Onyango′s deportation issues, arranged for an attorney in Lowell, MA, also named Scott Bratton, to help get Onyango Obama out of jail. The Lowell Bratton is more well known in New England courts as defense counsel for the Hell′s Angels Motorcycle Club. How did Uncle Omar get out of jail with no bail? Is he helping his nephew Barack Obama jobs plan?

onyango obama released

Probably not. But why would ICE and the Framingham police allow a known illegal immigrant with a drunk driven charge against him free to roam the streets? Did Uncle Omar get some special help from the White House? Is this part of Barack Obama′s new back-door-amnesty solution for illegal immigration?

Onyango Obama released from jail with no bail is odd. Why would the Immigration Customs Enforcement and Framingham, District Court cave in so quickly to attorney Scott Bratton? Did Uncle Omar get help from Barack Obama or the White House? The Boston Globe reports that Onyango Obama was released from a jail in Plymouth on Thursday. While no bail was required, Uncle Omar is supposed to ′check in′ regularly. His sister, Zeituni Onyango, Barack Obama′s aunt, is also considered an illegal immigrant. Maybe both of them are helping the Barack Obama jobs plan?