Let’s see, you have juicy information about a sitting senator having sexual relations with a local hooker – who should the poor working woman go to? Perhaps NBC, Fox or how about CNN – they would love that kind of lruid information against a GOP Senator to add to theri stories about Sen. Craig. No, you go to that bastion of fair and balanced news – Larry Flynt.

She has no receipts, pictures, witnesses, or any other evidence to bolster her story, but she claims to have had a continuing “professional” relationship (“It was a pure sexual relationship. He would come in and do his business.”) with the senator for a several month period of time ion 1999. Flynt produced a part of a polygraph that he alleged ‘proved’ that she was telling the truth.

Even it were true, is it a story anyway? Especially since she’ll be featured in the good Mr. Flynt’s magazine later this year (and would not elaborate if she was paid for the interview or information…), the veracity of her story, along with this bit of purient ‘news’ should quickly go away… BUT, of course, lurid news only goes quietly away in Louisiana when money is found wrapped in foil in the freezer of a Democrat…

Fox News Story here.