Society is breaking down all across the western world. Unfortunately, it is bands of youths doing the breaking, literally. So, what should be done? How do we regain a level of respect for others, a respect of the rule of law and private property in our increasingly out of control youth? And what and or who is at fault?

A recent attack of a store clerk in Dallas, Texas reveals a disrespect for the law, an immediate resort to violence, and a hatred of simple civility that too many young Americans are mired in these days. Similarly, in Europe we’ve seen for several years, now, a series of riots by young people (or Yobs, as the Brits call them) variously over Muslim issues, implementation of austerity measures, and simple thuggery. All of these “reasons” utterly illegitimate.

The incident in Dallas is typical, though. A crowd of young people enter a business, start stealing and acting like useless punks, and then violence is the obvious result. Fortunately for the poor, young store clerk it didn’t get any worse than it did, but it easily could have. Remember the Rodney King riots? Yes, that sort of violence.

Now, riots are not uncommon either in the USA or Europe. There have been such things forever. But the sorts of riots we are seeing these days are of a different character than those of the past. In the past riots usually had a very particular cause. Race, war, economics, religion, most riots in the past were at some level somewhat understandable and were often a result of a long series of incidents, sometimes oppressive ones. Today, however, we are simply seeing bands of ignorant, dangerous youth marauding across our cities with NO legitimate reason to spur their lawlessness.

They are not being oppressed. They are not expected to go off to a war of which they don’t approve. Their religion is not being attacked… in short there is no legitimate reason whatever for what happened in France, England or Dallas.

There is a cause, of course. It is liberalism.

Modern liberalism has taught these kids that there is no reason to respect private property, it has taught them that the rule of law is an archaic, unnecessary thing, it has taught them that their needs and transient desires are all that is important, and it has taught them that tradition and patriotism are meaningless concepts. It has also taught these young punks that they deserve whatever it is they want and they deserve to have it now without regard for having to work to achieve it, whatever “it” may be.

Instead of riots resulting from some level of oppression or a sharp political ideology, kids today are rioting just because they are selfish, ignorant, hateful, uneducated, pieces of human debris.

So, what do we do about this? First of all we must eliminate modern liberalism from our schools. In our case we must again inculcate a love of country, a focus on American exceptionalism, a return to teaching the principles of our founders, and a serious regimen of respect for authority. Should we bring punishment back in schools? Sure. Should we start flunking these useless, dangerous punks out of school? Absolutely. Will they find life hard afterward? Yes, and they deserve it.

Further, we should also bring back a close observance of the sanctity of private property rights with property owners, whether they be store owners or home owners, being allowed to protect their own property with deadly force if necessary.

It is too late for England and France to fix their troubles, of course. But we have a slim chance to reverse this degraded society in which we live here in the USA. If we start now we might be able to fix it. But we’d better start yesterday!