Wednesday night′s 2012 live Republican presidential debate at the Reagan Library was a feisty affair with Rick Perry and Mitt Romney squaring off for the first time. NBC anchor Brian Williams led right from the beginning to set the two front runners against each other. The question was on the issue of job creation. While both candidates landed punches on each other, Romney gave what could be called more ′clever′ answers. But once again, just as with the last debate, the Man of the Hour was Newt Gingrich, who sparred with the moderators and still raised valid criticisms of Barack Obama and his policies.

live republican debate perry romney

Of the remaining candidates, Herman Cain drew perhaps the most applause with his tax reform plan to get America working again. Rick Santorum and Ron Paul continued their feud. Jon Huntsman did well at first with his views on China and foreign policy, but may have committed political suicide at the end with his support of the man-made global warming hypothesis. Something which will not play well at all in a Republican primary.

Perhaps the most disappointing ′performance′ came from Michele Bachmann last night. Now, in all fairness, the moderators seemed to be ignoring her. I think she got fewer questions put to her than even Rick Santorum. So she had practically no opportunity to shine and the result reflected that.

At last night′s live Republican presidential debate, most of the attention was focused between Rick Perry and Mitt Romney. The two 2012 GOP presidential candidates squared off for the first time on stage together. The exchange may have favored Mitt Romney in some respects, but Rick Perry did not shy away nor retreat from his stances on the issues. Something which many in the Media are waiting for him to do. Even Chris Matthews was driven sufficiently enraged during the post-debate program on MSNBC to make another of his irrational rants. For me, that equates to a victory for Rick Perry!