A new radio ad being played in Palestinian Authority controlled areas uses Obama’s own words to support an independent Palestinian state even as the administration’s actual policy is to discourage just such a thing. This incident really does show how little Obama thinks before he speaks. It also shows how poor he is at foreign policy.

In a 2010 speech, Obama delivered some very conciliatory words about the possibility of a new Palestinian state saying, “When we come back here next year, we can have an agreement that can lead to a new member of the United Nations, an independent, sovereign state of Palestine living in peace with Israel.”

Now the sound clip of Obama’s speech has been added to a radio commercial being used to urge Palestinians to support Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and his plans to submit a request for state hood to the United Nations.

After the Obama snippet, Abbas goes on to say, “If he said it, he must have meant it.”

But as Reuters reports, Obama is actually sending his middle east envoy to Abbas to urge him not to submit the request for statehood. In fact, Obama has signaled that he’ll veto the request in the UN. Abbas may be shocked to learn that nothing Obama says he “means.”

Now, the fact is that there is currently no such thing as a “Palestinian.” There has never been any such people nor any such country. Previous to the rebirth of Israel in modern times the city of Palestine was considered a part of Jordan and the people there variously considered Jordanians or Arabs of one stripe or another.

If the UN ultimately approves Abbas’ request, this will mark the first time in human history that there was such as thing as a Palestinian. After all, if you live in Chicago, your nationality is still “American” not “Chicagoan.”

Regardless, this incident shows that Obama is totally unable to understand how foreign policy works. In response to the radio ad, the Obama administration is claiming that his words were taken out of context and that in that 2010 speech the president only meant that he hoped there would be a Palestinian nation, not that it was his policy to help create one.

Obama’s hope-n-changie rhetoric has come back to bite him, apparently. Or has it? There is little doubt that Abbas is right in his feeling that Obama really did mean that he wanted a new Palestinian state to emerge. But that was then. Now Obama doesn’t.

Once again we see the hash that Obama makes of foreign policy.