Thursday evening at 7pm EDT, Barack Obama will deliver his much anticipated jobs speech before a joint session of Congress. Right Pundits will be on the job covering the event with a live blog. If there is a live streaming video source, we shall also provide that as well (live feed video stream now below). So be sure and bookmark this post and return tomorrow to join the fun. The Live Blog will begin at 6pm EDT for those of you whom wish to fuel the flames of debate with our writers.

obama jobs speech congress

The latest news about the speech is that Obama will be asking for a $300 Billion dollar package, which up until this week would be called a stimulus package. However, Nancy Pelosi and the Obama Ministry of Information have declared that the word stimulus be struck from the latest version of the NewSpeak dictionary. Another victory for INGSOC! Double-Plus Good!!! One can only imagine the chocolate rations being ′increased′ from 30 grams per week to 25 grams per week soon.

Whatever you choose to call it, the new Obama jobs plan is much like his previous plans. About $170 Billion will be used for extending the payroll tax holiday another year and for extending unemployment benefits from 99 weeks to 113 weeks. Of course, there is also the much bally-hooed infrastructure bank which is expected to fund more of those ′shovel-ready′ construction jobs for building and repairing roads and bridges. The White House has also been leaking out that some of ′The Plan′ will not be made public for weeks, perhaps months to come, leading one to suspect whether or not there is a plan in the first place, other than spending more money we do not have. No details either yet on how Obama intends to fund this new wave of stimulus.

But Thursday evening will arrive soon enough and Right Pundits will cover the Barack Obama jobs speech before a joint session of Congress with a live blog. We will also provide live streaming video if available, too. Obama is expected to begin his speech shortly after 7pm EDT and talk for 35 to 40 minutes. We will begin our live blog at 6pm EDT, so stop by and share your opinions with us.

Obama Live Streaming Video Feed