Now that Operation Fast and Furious has been finally getting some media coverage — though still not nearly enough for how bad it is — we are seeing other major failures of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATF) in offshoots of Fast and Furious. In one instance, the BATF indulged a failed attempt to use a hand grenade dealer as a way to track Mexican narco-terrorists and in Indiana the BATF also used the ideas of Fast and Furious to track guns in Indiana.

In the case of the hand grenades, we find that the same office in Arizona responsible for so many lost guns through Fast and Furious also allowed to escape a guy selling parts to make hand grenades to Mexican narco-terrorists. And they didn’t just lose him, either. They actually had arrested the guy but let him go imagining they could follow him to his Mexican connections… THEN lost him. Total incompetents.

The criminal dealer is named Jean Baptiste Kingery and he was arrested by Mexican authorities on August 31, but the U.S. Attorney’s office in Arizona knew all about the guy and even had him in custody in the past accusing him f dealing in hand grenade parts trafficking.

The U.S. Attorney, though, has not been able to explain why Kingery was let go and why the charges against him were not pursued.

Reports from inside the U.S. Attorney’s office tell the media that Kingery admitted he had a hand grenade assembly operation in Mexico when he was caught with hand grenade parts in 2009. Apparently some BATF agents wanted to prosecute Kingery, but the U.S. Attorney refused to do so. Kingery was later let to go free with BATF officials claiming that they intended to press charges “later.”

There is also evidence that the BATF released Kingery in order to follow him to is Mexican hand grenade production line. Unfortunately, BATF agents lost Kingery as he traveled south.

Justice Department officials are trying to distance themselves from this business claiming that the Arizona BATF officials never got approval from Washington for the operation centered on Kingery’s release.

Senator Chuck Grassley and Rep. Darrell Isa are also looking into this case in their investigation into the disastrous Fast and Furious program.

Then there’s Indiana.

In the Hoosier State if has been discovered that a gun dealer there has been selling guns to criminals at the behest of the BATF. These guns were sold to gang members and criminals in Indiana. It was reported that FBI background checks were altered by the BATF so that the criminals could buy the guns.

This is Gun Walker policy and one has to wonder how in many states these straw purchases have occurred? How many criminals were supplied guns by the BATF?

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