New Hampshire became a battleground this weekend as both Rick Perry and Mitt Romney spoke at Tea Party events attempting to curry their favor. Both had some rough bumps in the road and head winds, as Barack Obama would say. For Romney, he is trying to argue to the Tea Party Express in Concord that he is not a career politician while a group of protesters harangue him over Romney-Care. At a speech in Manchester, Rick Perry got some boos over his position against building an actual physical wall along the Mexican border. Perry instead favors a ′strategic barrier′ which includes using National Guard troops to stop illegal immigrants. Which ever of the GOP candidates can win the support of the Tea Party will be one step closer to winning the White House in 2012. Both men will square off today in South Carolina seeking the blessings of Tea Party favorite, Sen. Jim Demint.

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Perry has been leading in nearly every poll the last two weeks. The most recent Rasmussen Poll even shows Perry defeating Obama in a general election. That poll marks a shift from the argument that only Romney can do so. With filing deadlines beginning on October 1, it seems more doubtful that any additional candidates will enter the race. The Republican Establishment is looking to determine who to throw their support behind. But the Tea Party may have other ideas.

Sen. Jim Demint will be holding an event in South Carolina will be holding court as kingmaker today in South Carolina, where six GOP hopefuls will vie for his approval. Mitt Romney has decided to attend, along with Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain. Romney had not committed to attending until late last week, after it has become more apparent that his standing in the polls is on the decline. After a rough time in New Hampshire facing the Tea Party Express, Perry and Romney look to square off for the White House in what may be a prelude for this Wednesday′s 2012 GOP presidential debate at the Reagan Library.