If you are expecting a big announcement during the Sarah Palin speech in Iowa today, do not hold your breath. Her appearance at a Tea Party rally marks just one of several Labor Day events Palin will attend this weekend. She will also be in New Hampshire and later in South Carolina as part of the Tea Party Express. Last night she was in Des Moines before a crowd of supporters urging her to run against Barack Obama for the White House. But Palin is still holding back declaring herself a candidate. Her speech today almost did not happen after a dust-up between Palin and Christine O′Donnell, who was also scheduled to appear. O′Donnell has been canceled by Ken Crow of the Iowa Tea Party. So while Palin may not make any big announcement today, one thing for certain is that her speech should prove to be far more lively and interesting that the jobs speech Obama will make on Thursday.

sarah palin speech in iowa today

After yesterday′s dismal jobs report for August, 2011, the White House has begun down-playing the Thursday evening address before a joint session of Congress. It now seems that Obama will NOT lay out his entire plan for job creation. Instead, he will only offer bits and pieces, then dole out the rest over the course of the next several months. Needless to say, one ought to question why bother giving the speech in the first place, especially with the pomp and circumstance of making it before Congress.

Which brings us to the excitement factor. In 2008, Obama had the reputation of being a great speaker. One who could entrance crowds and make women swoon. But over the past two and a half years, Obama has become dull and boring. Nobody faints anymore. Audiences are smaller, sometimes the venues are half empty. Sarah Palin, on the other hand, can still pack them in and stir the crowd offering plenty of red meat. Probably from a moose she shot herself!

While speculation ran high that Palin would publicly decide whether or not she may run this weekend, the word is now that she will continue to keep everyone guessing. The clock is ticking, however, since deadlines for filing to get on state ballots begin in late October. The odds of any additional candidates entering the 2012 GOP presidential race grows smaller with each passing day. Only Palin, and Chris Christie, would appear to have the national recognition to make such a late entry in the next few weeks.

The Sarah Palin speech in Iowa today kicks off a series of Labor Day events this weekend, including New Hampshire and South Carolina. The Tea Party Express, as well as the Iowa Tea Party are sponsoring these rallies. In Des Moines last night, supporters urged Sarah Palin to challenge Barack Obama for the White House. But the latest word now is that Palin will not make any major announcements about running this weekend.