Senator Chuck Grassley (R, Iowa) and Rep, Darrell Isa (R, Calif) promised to continue their investigation into Obama’s disastrously murderous program of selling guns illegally to Mexican Narco-terrorists and now they are stepping up their efforts after the Dept. of Justice tried to shuffle around to other departments those officers responsible for the program likely in an effort to make the investigation harder.

Grassley and Isa have announced that they are expanding their investigation into the Arizona district office involved in Operation Fast and Furious, the failed program that has spread illegally trafficked guns to Mexican Narco-terrorists, guns have ended up in the hands of criminals back here in the U.S., and have already been a tool used to kill a federal border agent.

In a letter Thursday to Ann Scheel, the acting U.S. Attorney in Phoenix, Messrs. Grassley and Issa essentially put the Arizona district office on notice, saying its role “in the genesis and implementation of this case is striking.” They sought extensive documents – emails, memos, notes and the like – from six top officials, including Ms. Scheel and Dennis Burke, the former U.S. Attorney who was ousted in the shake-up. The lawmakers had signaled on Tuesday that their investigation would intensify

We reported earlier this week that Ken Melson, acting head of the BATF, was “reassigned,” that Arizona U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke has resigned, and several other officials have been shuffled to other positions to distance them from the scene of Obama’s crimes. Additionally assistant U.S. Attorney for Arizona Emory Hurley also resigned.

Grassley and Isa are going forward with this investigation to see how high the culpability goes. But with our previous posts on this it seems fairly clear that Obama’s U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Obama himself were up to the armpits in this muck and mire.

We will, of course, keep our ear to the news on this story.

**Tomorrow**: New evidence shows 3 White House officials knew of Fast and Furious despite claims also BATF tried to cover up its guns ending up in the hands of U.S. criminals.

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