Barack Obama is frustrated. Or so his latest email sent out to those on his campaign list says in the subject line. Obama vents about how Congress is obstructing him. The latest incident concerns his much publicized jobs speech. For some odd reason, Obama wants to unveil his alleged plan before a joint session of Congress during a prime-time address. The White House originally set the date for next week Wednesday at 8pm EDT. However, the Obama administration forgot two small details. First, Obama may only speak before Congress if he is invited to. Secondly, his staffers apparently forgot, or ignored, the fact that a GOP presidential debate was to be televised at the same day and time. Can you say Amateur Hour? Sure you can!

Obama frustrated

So it fell to House Speaker John Boehner, who appears more and more to be the only adult in Washington, to remind Obama and the White House of the two facts. In addition, Boehner added that since Congress has its first post-holiday floor vote at 6:30pm EDT on Wednesday, and the Secret Service requires about three hours to sweep the chamber before a president appears, the 8pm time slot just was not going to be logistically possible.

Thus, the man-child Barack Obama, America′s first Anti-President, feels frustrated. He had no option but to cave in and accept Boehner′s advice, and invitation, to make his speech on Thursday instead. This now puts the Obama speech up against the NFL season opener between the Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints. That makes one less network covering the Obama speech. How embarrassing it will be to be beaten by the football game in ratings? Plenty!

This morning during MSNBC′s ′Morning Joe′, senior White House correspondent Chuck Todd said that not only is Obama frustrated with Congress, he is also frustrated with his White House staff, and vice versa. Todd explains that the recent vacation was badly needed by all parties at the White House. Obama is getting nothing but bad advice it would seem from his staff and nothing in the way of any new ideas, too.

Selecting the joint session of Congress for the jobs speech seems to be very questionable. Such addresses are usually reserved for only serious, major events. The Obama jobs plan really does not appear to qualify. There could be two reasons for using this venue. One, that Obama wants to act as ′The Professor′ and lecture the Congress publicly. Second, that the major TV networks refused to give Obama prime-time coverage had the speech merely be given from the White House.

Obama needs to face facts. His speeches are too frequent and have become dull. He is boring America. I like to think of the scene from the film, ″Heartbreak Ridge″ where the Clint Eastwood character is locked up in jail from an all night drunk and tells a new cell mate, ″You can beat me, you can kill me, but just don′t bore me!″ Obama has not said anything new in months, if not years. He has become a broken record, which is appropriate seeing as how his job record on the economy is one of failure. The latest polls show his job approval at all time lows and the new Gallup Poll shows that his support from women has declined some 30 percentage points in the past year, 11 points just during the summer, to about 42% approval.

This is why Barack Obama is frustrated. His brand of egomania demands that he is loved and respected by all. Yet, his support is shrinking and he simply cannot grasp why that is. As far as he is concerned, everything he says and does is perfect and correct. In his mind, it is our fault for not appreciating his alleged brilliance. But the reality is that everything he says and does has been an utter failure, especially on the economy. Now, he is once again humiliated as he is forced to cave in and change the date of his big jobs speech. This is why the world laughs at us. This is why Standard & Poor′s downgraded our AAA bond credit rating. Obama is the emptiest suit of all empty suits in history.