More signs that Texas Governor Rick Perry has displaced Mitt Romney as the 2012 GOP front-runner for the presidential nomination comes from a new CNN – ORC poll. Perry tops the list of candidates with 27% of Republicans and those Independents who lean Republican. Romney is second with just 14%, followed by Sarah Palin with 10%, Michele Bachmann and Rudy Guiliani tied with 9% each, and another tie between Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul at 6% each. Meanwhile, the Far Left is making hay of a speech Perry gave in Ottumwa, Iowa, where he repeated his assertion from his book, ′Fed Up′, that Social Security is a ′monstrous lie′ to young people. Perry describes the entitlement program as a Ponzi scheme.

is rick perry dumb

Remarks like this, or his others on climate change and the Federal Reserve have spawned hit pieces such as one from Politico today asking ′Is Rick Perry Dumb?′ The common joke is that he is like President Bush without the brains. While Rick Perry may not be steeped in the philosophical nuances of the Conservative movement, or Austrian economics, he does know what he needs to know. The Politico article by Jonathan Martin does cite a phone conversation with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal who had written an article for a business magazine about changes in tax policies to encourage businesses. Jindal recalled or Perry ″He knew the nuances of what we had done and called to congratulate me but also to see what Texas could do to be competitive with us.″

Now, the Far-Left Media is going to attack any GOP candidate, claiming that whoever is running pales in comparison to highly educated Barack Obama. For all the good his Harvard law degree has done Obama, such wisdom has yet to translate to any benefits for America. Similar to George Bush, Rick Perry is a pilot, joining the Air Force after graduating from Texas A&M. Perry flew C-130s, and some have likened his administrative style to that of a pilot. He has a flight plan and follows that plan. Which is more than one can say about Obama, who never seems to have any plan.

While Rick Perry may not have the private sector experience that Mitt Romney has, he certainly has the managerial background needed to be a chief executive. Given some aspects of Romney′s business practices, one could say that Perry has an advantage over Romney. Another difference between Perry and Obama is the natural instinct to understand and appreciate American common sense. While Obama surrounds himself with academics and then generally ignores them, Perry builds a staff that can execute the plan and follow through.

So it is no wonder that more scrutiny is being made on Texas Governor Rick Perry who now tops the 2012 GOP candidate list in a the new CNN – ORC poll. This makes three polls in just the past week showing Perry leading Mitt Romney and the rest of the pack by double digits. While it is still early, the momentum is now with Rick Perry. September provides three televised debates between the candidates and gives Perry an opportunity to further distinguish himself from the others. The question that needs to be asked is not ′Is Rick Perry Dumb?′ but do the Ivy League, white-shoe-club elites from Harvard, Yale and Princeton have their heads stuffed too far up their own butts to understand reality? Perry is right when he calls Social Security a ′monstrous lie′ and a Ponzi scheme. If a Harvard lawyer like Obama cannot figure that one out, then he is the dumb one, not Perry.