I have been a critic of the administration’s foreign policy but what happened in Korea this past week was a complete disgrace. President Roh Moo-hyun illustrated that he is essentially a form of pond scum. I take that back – I don’t want to insult pond scum. Here are the facts hyun. President Bush does not have the authority to “end” the Korean war. Only the United Nations has that power. However, we could remove our troops from your border and re-deploy them to another country. I am sure that Kim Jong-il would love this. Why, the next day he would probably be eating dinner at your table. You, of course, would be eating out of a dog dish on the floor. Who knows, maybe that is a fantasy of yours.

I commend President Bush for not going “cowboy” on hyun’s ass. Personally, I would have slapped him across the face, Texas style! It is people like this who bring out the polipundit, gingoistic, isolationist side of me that I wish would remain buried forever.