What IS this world coming to? GI (Formerly meaning “[US]Government issued”) is now going global. The US human fighting machine is now being market by Hasbro as an international “Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity,” or G.I. J.o.e.

Fortunately, the Hasbro site still has “Real American Hero” up on their web page!

Now when I grew up, girls had Baribes and dollies, and boys had G.I. Joes. I wanted one, but “those were for boys.”
Me: “But Mom! GI Joes have moveable arms, legs and heads. Barbies just have big… [soap was used at this point….]”

Well, GI Joe suvived being miniturized in the 70’s, so perhaps they will survive this – we can only hope!

Fox News story here.
GI Joe Hasbro site here.