Here is Fred Thompson’s first political ad. The geriatric-like, slow-motion progression to an official announcement continues today with an appearance on the Jay Leno show while the Republican field will be debating in New Hampshire.

Fred Thompson’s First Commercial

You can also view the Fred Thompson video here.

The other presidential candidates must hate the Leno appearance because I know who will be getting the attention, and I certainly know what I will be watching tonight. It is a smart political move because it continues to cast Thompson above the humdrum political fray.

However, upstaging a debate in his own party is a disloyal move worthy of criticism. Thompson’s choice to draw attention away from the debate does not serve the public interest. New Hampshire isn’t chopped liver in the march to a party’s nomination, and conservative issues could use some attention in the current political climate.

Thompson’s announcement speech is set for Thursday. The anticlimactic event will be well covered, but it will not make the splash that his entry would have made a month or two ago.

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