The latest Gallup Daily Tracking Poll shows the Barack Obama approval rating at a new low, just 39%, with 53% disapproving of his job performance. This comes as Obama begins his three-day bus tour through Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois. Billed as a ′jobs-listening-tour′, most suspect that this is actually a campaign sweep. Obama won all three states in 2008 and appears concerned that Republicans have made gains in each during the 2010 mid-term elections. So the view that this tour is more about shoring up support than actually accomplishing anything in regards to job creation seems reasonable. After several weeks of bad stock market news, often with sharp price declines occurring just after another Obama blame-game speech, and Barney Frank farts on live TV, it is no wonder he feels frustrated. Not with the Congress, but with himself, or at least his staff.

obama approval new low

Add to that the most recent Rasmussen poll which shows that 57% of Independent voters have no intention of reelecting Obama and the news just gets worse for him. The White House tries to spin a happy face on whatever kernel of news they can, but even the lap-dog press corps is starting to grow weary of defending him. At some point, professional credibility, if at all desired, has to enter the arena. Jay Carney is getting more and more aggressive questions as Obama′s numbers sink.

So while the Barack Obama approval rating hits a new low of 39%, according to Gallup, he begins his bus tour today which will take him till Thursday, when he begins his vacation at Martha′s Vineyard. Obama blames Congress for the sagging economy and lousy stock market news, but will that message play well during the bus tour? There was little Barack Obama news over the weekend while most eyes were focused on the Republicans, whom held their Ames Straw Poll in Iowa. Even Rick Perry′s announcement of his 2012 presidential bid knocked Obama out of the spotlight for two days. I doubt if the bus tour through Illinois, his home state, is really going to make much difference, either in regards to job creation, or to his falling poll numbers. The only good thing Obama can say is that he did not fart on live TV like Barney Frank did.