Wasn’t that the title of an awful Mclean Stevenson TV show in the 1970’s? Yet another Republican, socially conservative at that, politican who can’t seem to exhibit impulse control. Are these guys morphing into Bill Clinton? And (because I know you missed this) other random thoughts of the day.

Is John Edwards still running? It has been at least a week since he mentioned Ann Coulter’s name. He must be flush with money. I suspect that he may be renting out sections of his house to stay in the money. He could fit about 600 illegals in just half of the house.

With the exception of the collapsed bridge in Minnesota, which I have actually driven on, and misbehaving GOP politicans, it has really been a slow summer for news.

Let me get this straight. We are now calling global warming “climate change”. I agree with Camille Paglia, the columnist for Salon.com who will never be confused for a conservative. Humans are not powerful enough to change the climate. Changes in the climate come are a result of nature, pure and simple. The evidence Paglia sites? Niagra falls, which was caused by a melting glacier 10 million years or so ago. Those damn dinosaurs! If only they had driven more Prius’, that river would still be flat.

Hillary Clinton laughs herself to sleep every night given her pathetic competition amongst her fellow Democrats.

Castro calls for a Clinton/Obama ticket. Thanks Fidel. I call for a bullet in the middle of your forehead. Maybe we will both be correct.

Business has allowed me to spend quite a bit of time in Canada. I will say that I have enjoyed the people very much and have learned quite a bit about the land up north. I have 1 observation and then 1 interesting story. The observation is that Canadians love to talk about United States politics but abhor talking about Canadian politics. I have been told by numerous Canadians that they find their politics to be boring.

The interesting story happened one night after a few drinks with a prospect. We had built a good rapport and he told me that he would let me in on a secret concerning the Canadian people. I told him that I was all ears and wanted to hear what he had to say. He informed me that Canadians want to be loved by the rest of the world with the 1 exception being the United States. In regards to the US, they want us to think they are relevant.

Furthermore, he stated that Canada uses the US as a shield but it all ties to wanting to be loved by everyone and being relevant to the US . I did not understand this so I asked for clarification. He used the Kyoto treaty as an example. He told me that Canada could afford to be for the treaty because they know that the US would be against the treaty. Being a supporter of the treaty helps Canadians desire to be loved and appear relevant to the US at the same time. I asked him what would happen if the US switched positions and suddenly supported Kyoto. He laughed and said they would be up a creek. The 2 largest industries in Canada are oil exploration and mining which just happen to cause a great deal of pollution. The economy in Canada would collapse if Kyoto came to pass. Again, as long as the US is against the treaty, Canada can take the easy position of being for it since they know the treaty will never see the light of day.

I saw Keith Olbermann’s “show” on NBC before the football game this past Sunday. It is funny how he toned down the anti-Bush and anti-Republican rhetoric for a network audience. Way to stick to your principles Keith.

The way the main stream press and the liberal groups took down Alberto Gonzales is an absolute disgrace. He broke NO LAWS and was fired for the unbelievable offense of firing lawyers. Any assistant US Attorney can be fired at anytime. This happened all the time in the Clinton administration. They did not even hide it! They called it clearing out the dead wood from the Reagan/Bush era. Did the msm report it? No. Did Bill Mahr devote entire programs to the topic? No. Did 60 minutes and CNN run specials on the “controversy”? No.

When and if Hillary Clinton becomes President, my suggestion is that the GOP make an issue of every single GOP person who is relieved of his or her duties. Then whoever holds the cabinet position can be raked over the coals and have their reputations destroyed. This is what happened to Gonzales. In 2009, given a Hillary presidency, the msm will refer to this as “the politics of personal destruction”. This term was in vogue from 1992 through 2000 but the msm abandoned the phrase the day Bush took office. Mark my words, it will make a resurgence.

Given Fred Thomspon’s performance so far, I would not vote for him for dog catcher.

Whatever happened to Arthur Kent?