Texas Governor Rick Perry has made it known that he’s going to announce his candidacy for the GOP nomination for president at the Red State Conference in South Carolina on August 13, the same weekend as the Ames, Iowa straw poll. This didn’t sit well with the Iowa Republican blog. The paper called Perry’s timing a “slap in the face to Iowa Republicans.”

The Iowa GOP uses the well-publicized straw poll as a fundraiser for the party and it is also has a sort of pride of place being one of the early, notable primary time events. So, it is easy to see how the Iowans would be a tad upset that Perry decided to use another state on the same weekend to make his announcement. Iowa Republicans would naturally feel he should have used their own stomping grounds for his announcement.

Regardless of where he announces, Perry’s name will not appear on the ballots at the Ames straw poll and his announcement may make the results of the straw pool somewhat meaningless as Perry is atop the polls in those that ask potential voters about who they might like to see run, announced or no.

But Perry has parried that Iowan complaint. Perry has quickly made plans to appear at a Waterloo Lincoln dinner on Sunday to assuage Iowan’s hurt feelings. The Waterloo Lincoln dinner represents an “important area of the state for Republicans,” according to Mark Miner, spokesman for Iowa Governor Terry Branstad.

Perry made this move quickly showing his ability to adapt quickly to a political situation. I see this as a good sign of his versatility. It also is not a lasting or damaging incident, either. It’ll be one not long remembered. It is a minor mistake with a well-handled solution.

A good sign that Perry might have an interesting campaign ahead of him.