The London riots of 2011 have raged on for three nights now, forcing British Prime Minister David Cameron to recall Parliament and take additional steps to quell protesters. Especially now after the roits have spread to other UK cities, like Tottenham, Hackney and Birmingham. Concerns over how these riots may impact the 2012 London Olympics are being raised, based on the more recent student riots in London over tuition hikes. Many suspect that anarchist groups are taking advantage of the outrage over the police shooting of 29 year old Mark Duggan last Thursday, which initiated the latest round of UK riots.

london riots 2011

Prime Minister Cameron has yet to call out military units, but starting tonight, the police presence on the streets of London will be triple the normal rate. Millions of pounds of damage to shops, homes and other property are mounting daily. Hundreds have been arrested and many people, including police, have been injured. This past night, the first death due to the London riots occurred as a 26-year old man was shot in his car.

The violence in the UK is now spreading to other cities. Tottenham was ravaged as gangs of anarchists assaulted stores and shops along major streets. Dozens of fires burned through the night. In Ealing, car windows were smashed and many vehicles were set on fire. Looting has been reported in Hackney, Liverpool and Birmingham.

The London riots of 2011 has claimed another life as a young man was shot in his car last night. The UK riots are spreading to other cities, prompting Prime Minister David Cameron to recall Parliament from vacation and to take additional steps to crack down on violent protesters. Mayhem in cities like Tottenham, Liverpool and Easling have raised questions about security for the 2012 London Olympics. This outbreak is the worst since the student riots over tuition hikes.