Now that the nation′s debt ceiling problems appear to be resolved, we can finally turn our attention to more important things, such as which are the best party schools? Number One on the list of top party schools is Ohio University, which I am certain makes John Boehner very proud! The 2011 Princeton Review list of party schools named Ohio U for its wild Halloween bashes. This gave them the edge over last years winner, the University of Georgia, which is now Number Two. The rest of the top five are University of Mississippi, University of Iowa and the University of California at Santa Barbara. In case you are wondering, the top stone cold sober school in America is Brigham Young University in Utah. Go figure! Other sober schools for serious students are Wheaton College, Wesleyan College in Macon, the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London and, of course, the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

best party schools

Now that we are in August, which is the official Back-to-School sales month, eager young minds are preparing to leave home and take up residency for the first time away from the families. Which sort of environment they settle into to will make an impact on their lives. Did the student in your house choose a school for academic reasons? Or did they pick their school for socializing and partying? With the cost of higher education out-pacing even that of health insurance rates, the decision is certainly one with ramifications.

The Princeton Review Party School List for 2011 names Ohio University as Number One of Top Party Schools in America. Toppled down to second place was the University of Georgia, with the University of Iowa a close third. Brigham Young University – Utah and Wheaton College top the list for stone cold sober schools. Parents are advised to consider these factors as their children choose which school to attend.