Is Fidel Castro dead? Certainly the rumors have been around for over a year, although more recent photographs with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela put some of those to rest a few months ago.

November 2009 Update: Recycling this story to the top because once again the question of “is Fidel Castro dead” are inundating the internet. But like Freddie he keeps coming back. For better or for worse Fidel Castro is not dead. At least not yet.

So once again, here we go again. But it’s nothing new. As early as 2007 a well-connected gossip site was reporting “very strong” indications that indeed Fidel Castro was dead. False rumor.

The rumor was based on scanty hearsay evidence from his contacts in Little Havana in Miami. Perez Hilton is not often wrong, but on this one he better be right to start these Fidel Castro death rumors all over again. Read more here.

Castro’s birthday was on August 13th when he turned 83 years old, although his true birth date is disputed, assuming that Fidel Castro is still alive. If he is dead, he would have been very poor looking on his birthday. The communist dictator has been in power in Cuba since 1959 (and communist party leader since 1965) after a revolution that installed a totalitarian communist regime that ruled by the stick.

Fidel Castro underwent surgery for intestinal problems in July 2006, and ever since that time the Castro death rumors have been around. If finally true, freedom loving people will shed few tears for another dinosaur laid to unholy rest.