This is the last day to voice your concern about Obama’s plan to take control of every source of water in the USA.

The Democrats are pushing legislation that would take the word “navigable” out of our current Clean Water Act. If successful, the reconfigured law would give to the federal government the power over every water source in the USA. Every river, lake, stream, every creek, every driblet, even every stand alone pond would come under control of Washington’s EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers.

Conceivably, if you have a puddle in your back yard the federal government will have control of it!

This same nonsense has been defeated in Congress before, but like every bad liberal idea, it hasn’t been abandoned by the far left, power mad to control every aspect of our lives.

As Phil Kerpen of Americans For Prosperity says,

But Obama’s EPA, as usual, won’t take no for an answer, and is now attempting to ignore two Supreme Court decisions, commonsense, and the American people and vastly expand federal Clean Water Act jurisdiction via a guidance document. A bipartisan group of 170 members of Congress told them not to, but they are doing it anyway.

If Obama gets his way and the EPA gets control of all water in the nation, the green nazis will go crazy trying to stop every building project, every road project, every bit of growth possible. This will include stopping people from doing anything even on their own property if that property happens to contain water or even be near enough to at all affect it.

This sort of foolishness is yet one more example of the mad grab for power that is Obama’s administration and the far left’s penchant for authoritarianism.

If you’d like to have a say, check out Americans for Prosperity’s comments page where you can send a message to the government.