There has come a great marker of Obamaism that holds that everything he says has an expiration date and that he simply has no integrity because of it. How many foreign policy ideas (especially about the wars) has he presented that he’s done a 180 on? Well, here is another one, this on taxes. Just in 2009 Obama was saying that we shouldn’t be raising taxes during a recession, yet only two years later all he wants to do is raise taxes even though we are still in that self-same recession.

In 2009, just ahead of the 2010 midterms, Obama was happily telling NBC that he wasn’t raising taxes because we were in a recession. In 2009 Obama said:

Well, first of all, he is right. Normally, you don’t raise taxes in a recession, which is why we haven’t and why we have instead cut taxes. So I guess what I would say to Scott is his economics are right, you don’t raise taxes in a recession. We haven’t raised taxes in a recession.

Now, no one of any veracity says that the economy has gotten better in the years since Obama told the nation that he was the good guy for not raising taxes during a recession. As Doug Powers reminds us, this flip flop is no different than his 2006 claim that he ‘d never vote to raise the debt ceiling when today he’s saying that the country will fall apart without one.

Of course, we know why in 2009 Obama was pretending he cared about the economy and that he cared about killing it with tax hikes. There was an election coming, one that many people then were saying was going to flip the House and maybe even the Senate to the GOP.

You see, Obama pretended to care about killing the economy in 2009 because he was trying to give cover to Democrats struggling to get reelected. Well, now that necessity is over. Obama can return to his real program of destroying the US economy because that electoral exigency is over.

Today, Obama is attempting to use his bully pulpit to force the GOP to accede to giant, economy killing tax hikes. Yes, even though our economy is no better than it was two years ago, today Obama is all about tax hikes. His stance today is 180 degrees opposite as they were once sternly stated.

There are several reasons for Obama’s flip flop on tax hikes. First of all, if he can force the GOP to agree to tax hikes he’s materially hurt them for the upcoming 2012 elections. It will be easy to blame the GOP if tax hikes occur as a result of a budget deal.

So, what could be better for Obama? After he lied to the country about tax hikes in 2009, today he gets the best of all worlds if he is able to get those tax hikes he eschewed before. If he gets the GOP to agree to tax hikes he hurts them in the next election by taking away from them one of their biggest selling points, if he gets his tax hikes he harms the economy even more — this has been his goal since the beginning — and even if he doesn’t get his tax hikes he is able to tell his own voters that he “tried so hard” but those evil Republicans wouldn’t let him save the country.

Obama does not care about consistency in his public pronouncements. Those statements are all meant merely to push his actual agenda of tearing down the USA, knocking down a peg or two our “arrogant” country. If he has to lie to the public and pretend that he is for tax cuts, or spending cuts, well then that is the pabulum he’ll dole out to a willing media.