The Nancy Grace reaction to the Casey Anthony not guilty verdict is not unexpected. ″In the end, Tot Mom′s lies seemed to have worked.″ Grace, who hosts a show on HLN, sister network to CNN, is furious that the jury came back so quickly, barely deliberating for a full day, finding Casey Anthony not guilty of the serious crimes of murder in the first degree, aggravated child abuse or even of manslaughter. Only the four charges of lying to the police earned guilty verdicts, each a felony with a maximum of one year in prison. Casey Anthony, who has spent the last three years in the Orange County Jail in Florida, will be sentenced Thursday. Expectation now are that she will be released with time-served, possibly after a quick transfer to a state prison to meet the felony sentencing requirements. A process known as ′touching the wall′.

Nancy Grace reaction Casey Anthony verdict

So why is Nancy so furious? Well, for starters, she was proven wrong! Grace had developed a cottage industry concerning the death of Caylee Anthony. Her cable-TV show featured the story often, especially the last two months since the court proceedings began. She, and many others in the Media, sided quickly with the prosecution and demonized Casey Anthony. For the past three years, they built up the public sentiment that Casey must be guilty and deserves the death penalty.

But all that came crashing down today. While the actual jurors who decided the verdict have not spoken publicly yet, one of the alternates, Juror No.14, Russell Huekler, spoke on the Fox News Channel. ″We don′t know how she (Caylee) died.″ He added that ″It just comes down to probably an accident that the family didn′t know how to cope with…the prosecution failed to show motive.″ Legal analysts more objective than Nancy Grace concur. The prosecution spent three years and millions of dollars building a case based on very flimsy circumstantial evidence that could not support a Murder-One conviction. If Casey could not be proven guilty of that, then the prosecution′s entire case fails, even with the optional lesser charges of manslaughter and child abuse.

Between Media types like Nancy Grace, and the prosecution team releasing video and audio tapes from while Casey Anthony was in jail, the public at large was spoon-fed a one-sided story. Many critics of this point to the British legal system, where the Media is gagged and cannot discuss and hype up a court case until after the trial is over. One can appreciate the wisdom of this after what has just taken place.

So the first big trial of the 21st Century is over and the Nancy Grace reaction to the Casey Anthony not guilty verdict is out. The CNN-HLN legal host of ′Swift Justice′ may say it all for Nancy Grace. Did she ′swift-boat′ ′Tot Mom′ Casey Anthony? Finding her guilty in the case long before any real evidence pointed to such a conclusion? Personally, from what I saw in the little of the trial I actually watched, the prosecution reached too high pursuing a Murder in the First Degree conviction. I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV. But I′ve read enough Sherlock Holmes stories to know that while circumstantial evidence, like the dog that does not bark, may be crucial, it is not substitute for real evidence. There probably will never be any justice now for Caylee Anthony as a result of the prosecution fumbling the ball. If Nancy Grace wants to be mad at somebody, she should focus her anger there.