What is going on at MSNBC? Too much testosterone in the water cooler? Mark Halperin joins the list of suspended hosts and guests after a derogatory comment about Barack Obama today during Morning Joe. The regularly featured Time Magazine editor and analyst insulted Obama calling him a nasty four-letter word when asked about Obama′s performance at his press conference Wednesday. In truth, Halperin was spot-on in his assessment, but his choice of language left much to be desired by network executives. Needless to say, mark Halperin did issue an apology even before his being suspended, even though it really was not his fault.

mark halperin obama comment

So Mark Halperin is on Morning Joe, being his usual Progressive self when asked about the press conference. Mark Halperin comment on Obama was “I thought he was kind of a d**k yesterday.” Halperin had asked if they were on a 7-second delay BEFORE making his comment, but the idiot producers didn′t hit the right button. Stunned and shocked were the rest of the Morning Joe gang. He quickly apologized for his language. Sorry, Mark, if you want to talk like that, you need to be a guest of Red Eye, which airs at 3am on the Fox News Channel. Every night plenty of remarks are bleeped out. Still, this is just the latest incident at MSNBC following other hosts and such being suspended for things they do and say. One would hope that Comcast will clean up the network after years of General Electric using it as a Left-Wing propaganda machine for the Democrat Party.

If the nonsense at MessNBC doesn′t surprise you, The Jawa Report has a piece about Herman Cain′s latest attack ad on Obama, though he probably doesn′t go as far as Halperin did. More bad news for Obama at Pirate′s Cove as a new CBS poll shows 39% of Americans think the economy is on a permanent decline. Over at Sister Toldjah, they have more info on the fight between Planned Parenthood and the State of Indiana. Mikeb30200 continues to fight for gun owner rights.

The folks at Legal Insurrection poke fun at Obama′s $5 dinner raffle. Looks like Muslims are crucifying Christians in Africa according to Jihad Watch. Speaking of Jihad, Atlas Shrugs 2000 has a story about the latest flotilla for Gaza. Finally, New Zeal is staying un top of the story about how Communists are supporting Obama′s 2012 reelection campaign.

Could that be why Mark Halperin called Obama a d**k? Actually, he did it during Morning Joe on MSNBC as Marl Halperin comment on Obama′s press conference. MSNBC suspended Mark Halperin indefinitely despite a quick apology. In truth, Halperin asked about a 7-second delay BEFORE making his comment, but the dummies in the control room pushed the wrong button.