How Many Lies Can Obama Get Away With?

Just yesterday, President Obama used the bully pulpit to scold the Senate about breaking for the July Fourth holiday. In his White House presser, the president told Congress that they should stay in DC and work just like he does. So, the Senate decided to stay and work. The Republican leadership even offered to host the president in a meeting to help work on those important issues the president seems to think need special attention.

So, what happened? Did the president happily bound off to meet with Senate Republicans so that they can work on these important, important issues? Did he give the GOP hearty congratulations for listening to his entireties and for wanting to get down to work?

Nope. In fact, he didn’t even bother to personally reply to the GOP’s generous offer. He sent out one of his quislings say that he wasn’t going to accept their offer. That’s right, after scolding the Hill about not getting to work, Obama snubs their offer for him to help them do so.

Obama sent out his minion, Press Secretary Jay Carney, to tell the press that the president was going to snub the Republican’s offer. Carney averred that the Senate GOP leadership was not really serious about working with the president on the budget.

But, how does the president know that Senate Republicans aren’t really serious about working with him on the budget? I thought leftists always imagined that “meetings” were just as important as results?

If you’ll recall, President Obama said he’d even meet all our most virulent enemies “without preconditions,” to talk over and discuss our differences.

So, Obama is willing to meet with nations that want to kill Americans… but he won’t meet with Senate Republicans about fixing our own budget mess?

Nice, eh?

Let’s review a few quotes, here, shall we?

President Obama: “Call Me Naïve, But My Expectation Is That Leaders Are Going To Lead.” “But that hopefully leaders at a certain point rise to the occasion, and they do the right thing for the American people. And that’s what I expect to happen this time. Call me naïve but my expectation is that leaders are going to lead.” (President Obama, Press Conference, 6/30/11)

President Obama Tells GOP To Do Their Jobs And Lower Annual Deficits. “Obama also mocked the GOP’s recesses, and urged them to do their job and reach a deal to lower annual deficits and raise the debt ceiling. (Alexander Bolton & Sam Youngman, “White House Rejects McConnell Invite For Obama To Meet GOP,” The Hill, 6/30/11)

Yet when Republican Leader Mitch McConnell invited the President to the Capitol today to discuss plans to reduce our nation’s $14.3 trillion debt, the President put political fundraisers ahead of solving the urgent problems facing our nation. His press secretary Jay Carney politely sent regrets on his behalf.

WH Press Secretary Jay Carney: “That, Carney said, was ‘not a conversation worth having.’” (Alister Bull, “White House Snubs McConnell Invitation To Obama,” Reuters, 6/30/11)