Glenn Beck harassed at Bryant Park in New York City? Yes, it is true. The Fox News Channel host, along with his wife, eldest daughter and her boyfriend came under the scorn of an unruly mob while watching the Alfred Hitchcock movie, “The 39 Steps”. At one point someone even tossed wine or beer at Glenn Beck′s wife. So why was Glenn Beck attacked? Because he is viewed by many as being an ultra right-wing conservative Republican. After all, he got Van Jones, former Obama administration green jobs advocate, to resign due to Jones dubious background of supporting extremist views, such as being a 9/11 Truther. But, of course, those of us who actually watch and listen to what Glenn Beck says know that if anything, he is a Libertarian, who is not all that hopeful that politicians of any stripe can solve the nation′s problems.

glenn beck harassed
Glenn Beck harassed at Bryant Park by an unruly mob. Why? Image Credit: Ray Garbo /

Now, I touched on this story briefly yesterday in my piece World on Fire. That article had to do mostly with the rise of violent mobs from Afghanistan to Greece and such. How our culture is becoming numb to such incidents, be it spectators fighting for seats at the Casey Anthony trial, wild youth gangs using social networks to form flash mobs to cause crime, or video games available to children which allow them to rape and murder in a virtual world.

I haven′t seen the Stanley Kubrick film, “A Clockwork Orange” in a while, but Encore has recently been running it, so I watched and refreshed my memory. The premise of that movie, based on the Anthony Burgess novel, is that a futuristic government decides to try brainwashing to cure the disease of crime and violence in society. Of course, it does not work. But even before the ′hero′ of the story, the ultra-violent Alex, is subjected to the brainwashing techniques, he still finds ways to exercise his aggression in prison by reading passages from the Holy Bible. He daydreams of being a Roman guard whipping Christ as they head to the crucifixion or reliving Old Testament scenes of slaughter and sexual cavorting.

Far-Left loons enjoy taking cheap shots at Republicans and Conservatives. Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin are attacked daily because they are women who happen to be Republicans and Conservatives. Herman Cain is fair game for Jon Stewart to mock with an Amos and Andy style voice because Cain is an Africa-American who happens to be a Republican and Conservative. Barack Obama and other elected Democrat politicians attack those involved in the Tea Party movement, trying to make them out to be fools or evil greedy people since they oppose the Progressive agenda.

Glenn Beck harassed at Bryant Park is sad. He and his family just wanted to enjoy an evening in New York City and watch the Alfred Hitchcock movie, “The 39 Steps”. But since he works for the Fox News Channel, at least until Thursday, the unruly mob thinks they have a license to toss wine and beer at Glenn Beck′s wife. Glenn Beck attacked did prompt him to make one plea to his own audience. Should they happen across Van Jones in a similar situation, be nice to him. The real shame is that while just a handful of idiots were involved in Monday night′s incident, everybody else at the park did nothing.