Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin will be in Pella, Iowa today for the red-carpet movie premier of the biographical documentary film, The Undefeated. Produced by the Victory Film Group and ARC Entertainment, the movie will open at the historic Pella Opera House at 5pm Central Time. Meanwhile, Barack Obama will be visiting the Alcoa plant in Bettendorf, Iowa four hours earlier. Yesterday, Michele Bachmann made her run for the White House official at an event in Waterloo, Iowa. As we all know, Iowa will hold the first caucus for the 2012 presidential campaign season, which naturally begs the question is Palin holding the premier there as part of a plan to enter the the race for the White House?

sarah palin movie iowa

The movie itself, The Undefeated, focuses on Sarah Palin′s accomplishments as governor of Alaska. She is shown as a real, take-charge leader, working hard for the citizens. Especially in challenging the Establishment of Alaskan politics and the oil companies. A case in point is her work to force Exxon-Mobil use-it-or-lose-it concerning an oil lease at Point Thompson. Exxon obtained the lease in 1965 and since 1977 submitted 22 separate plans to develop the site. Palin led the fight to make Exxon-Mobil to do something or the state would take back the land. This was only one of many battles she waged against the oil companies, and she won each and every one of them.

The film′s premier will include many guests prominent in Iowa politics, such as Chuck Laudner, a former executive director for the state′s GOP machine. With Iowa being the first battle ground for presidential hopefuls, an early win there is significant. The Republican caucus goers are generally very conservative, and support for the current field of candidates is at best, lukewarm. A poll published this weekend in the state′s largest newspaper, The Des Moines Register, has Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann in a virtual tie with 23% and 22% respectively. Businessman Herman Cain finished third with 10%, with the rest of the field of candidates all in single digits. Laudner commented that many conservatives in Iowa are waiting to see if either Sarah Palin, or Texas Governor Rick Perry, will jump in the race. While some may think it is too late to start campaigning now, Palin does have the name recognition which would would make her an immediate contender.

So Sarah Palin attending today′s movie premier in Iowa could be a prelude to her running for president in 2012. The documentary film The Undefeated is a positive biography of the former Alaska governor, showing her as an effective and decisive leader, unlike Barack Obama. Even with Michele Bachmann in the 2012 GOP presidential race, the current list of candidates have yet to spark much enthusiasm amongst conservatives and Tea Party members. Sarah Palin′s entry would change all of that overnight. As to those who believe she could not beat Obama in the general election, if the economy is still as bad as it is now, anything is possible.