Glenn Beck began his final week of television shows on the Fox News Channel today. Thursday, June 30, will be the very last episode. Today, he opened with the story of teenage flash mobs causing violence and crime in several U.S. cities, comparing such with the civil unrest we see happening in places like Greece and Egypt. The point being that the politics of democracy is that of the mob, which is why our Founding Fathers wisely chose to create a republic instead. Oddly enough, the book Glenn co-wrote with Joshua Charles, The Original Argument, providing a modern language look at the Federalist Papers is the Number One best-seller on the New York Times list. At the same time that Time Magazine and CNN′s Fareed Zakaria question the relevance today of the U.S. Constitution.

glenn beck last week fox news
Glenn Beck begins his last week of television on the Fox News Channel. Image Credit: Ray Garbo /

This is precisely why Glenn Beck will be missed by those of us who understand the situation. Nowhere else on television do we get these sorts of leaps of insight. Beck is painted by the Far-Left Media as being a kook at best or an manipulative opportunist at worst, a la Lonesome Rhodes. When a George Soros henchman met with a Beck producer last year, the henchman even gave the Fox News employee a DVD of the movie, A Face In The Crowd, sending a message. That message is even plainer with the recent report that Media Matters, a Soros-funded Progressive organization, is now actually investigating Fox News production staffers, hoping to drive them away and shut Fox News down. All while Media Matters is hiding behind its 501C3 tax-exempt, non-profit status.

The Far-Left Media likes to call Beck crazy and a liar, especially when Glenn warns us about the Muslim Brotherhood seizing the revolution in Egypt, or that the Hizb ut-Tahrir are plotting to organize an international Islamic Caliphate, or Khilafah, if you prefer the correct spelling. But, as usual, Beck is proven to be correct in his analysis. By the way, the video below shows the ultra-cool commercial by Hizb ut-Tahrir at about the 6-minute mark. Also true was when Glenn warned us last year about the price of food rising sharply, or way back in early 2009 when he mentioned the little blue booklet, The Coming Insurrection, which laid the groundwork for the unrest we are currently witnessing in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Many are rejoicing that Glenn Beck is on his last week of television at Fox News. The Far-Left Media is claiming victory. Bullying sponsors to pull advertising or by driving away viewers. But the reality is that Glenn is leaving on his own. His time at Fox News has served its purpose, now he prepares for bigger and better things. Such as Glenn Beck TV, or GBTV, and Internet-based broadcasting system to get his message out. Or by producing programs geared more for enlightening the youth of America. Oh yes, he will make money, too, and plenty of it! Especially after he moves his operations to Texas and its more pleasant tax climate. Poor George Soros, wasting all that time and money for nothing! Thursday, June 30, will be the final episode of the Glenn Beck Show on the Fox News Channel. I′m sure it will be sad to see him go, but fear not, as the best is yet to come! Or, as my favorite talk radio host Mark Scott used to say, “Excelsior!” Onward and Upward!