Michele Bachmann, a representative from Minnesota, has finally thrown her hat in the ring. As of Monday, June 27, Bachmann made it official in front of a crowd in Waterloo, Iowa.

It is no mistake that she did so in Iowa, either, Bachmann has been polling quite well in Iowa coming in near the top of the heap along with long-time candidate Mitt Romney. Interestingly, neither Romney nor Bachmann have been campaigning too heavily in Iowa as of yet and Bachmann is a late comer to the race on top of that.

While announcement speech was a good one, too.

I want my candidacy for the presidency to stand for the moment when ‘we the people’ reclaimed our independence from a government that has gotten too big, spends too much and has taken away too much of our liberty.

Bachmann was born and raised in Iowa and she pandered a bit to the hometown folks. Even so her speech was filled with some great, conservative points.

In fact, I find her speech so superior to the mash that was Jon Huntsman’s announcement that they seem to be night and day!

Bachmann took it directly to Obama, something Huntsman refused to do, and she really hit some specific points, something that Huntsman again refused to do. It was more than four paragraphs, too. Huntsman’s was short, pointless, and without focus. Bachmann’s had some meat.

It is interesting how quickly Bachmann has hit the ground running, too. Is it too cynical of me to fear that a big entry means a bigger fall?

(Edit to add) If there is one problem, historically, with the Bachmann bid for president it’s the fact that few members of the House of Representatives were advanced from that chamber to the White House. Few presidential candidates that came from the House as his last position have become president… granted one of them was Abe Lincoln!