Oh, the leftists thought they had him this time (again). So, they began a campaign to smear him (again). Turns out they were wrong (again). And their allegations mysteriously disappeared from the Internet after they found out they were wrong (again).

The left tried once again to smear Wisconsin Supreme Court Judge David Prosser by claiming that he physically attacked another judge (naturally she’s a crazed left-wing judge, too) in a closed-doors meeting late last week. Justice Ann Walsh Bradley actually charged Prosser with “choking her.” Notice she did so only in the press, though. Prosser, of course, is denying it all.

The lying liars at Wisconsin Watch (a so-called “investigative journalism” site, yet) took the word only of Justice Bradley who claimed that she was choked. From there the extremist site Think Progress took up the fight and began to count the ways that Prosser could be removed from office. It was a Bacchanalia of lefty vitriol unleashed against Judge Prosser (again).

One problem, though. None of these lefties bothered to investigate any other sources for witnesses of the incident.

It turns out that the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Here and Here).

So, once again the left tries to smear Judge Prosser. It just goes to show that they have nothing but sensationalism built on lies to sell the public. Unfortunately, they’ve already misled and lied to millions of Wisconsinites with the first story and there will be a large number of them that never get to see the update clearing Prosser (or at least making Bradley’s story seem far less plausible, anyway). So, Prosser was smeared by stories on multiple lefty sites that failed to actually investigate the story and the left is not at all ashamed of themselves for their lies (again).