Remember last week how President Obama was railing about how evil ATMs were because they somehow took away people’s jobs? This evil, evil automation was bad on June 14, right? Well today, only eleven days later, suddenly Barack Obama is all about automation and how wonderful it is.

Let’s visit Obama’s nonsense last week, shall we?

Well, now it’s a week or so later and Obama wants to pretend that he’s “strengthening America” by… investing in automation. Here is what Obama said today in his weakly… uh, I mean weekly…. address:

That’s why I’m here today at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, one of America’s leading research universities. Behind me is a display from a company called RedZone Robotics. The robots they make are used to explore water and sewage pipes, and find leaks and breaks before they become expensive problems. But the folks at RedZone aren’t just solving problems; they’re working with unions to create new jobs operating the robots, and they’re saving cities millions of dollars in infrastructure costs.

So, last week automation cost real humans their jobs, but today robots are good because they create real jobs for humans?

Obama proves once again that he hasn’t a clue what he’s talking about, that he’s the most anti-business president we’ve ever had, and that he’ll just about say anything that sounds good at the time to gain support.

Meanwhile, we have the highest unemployment we’ve seen in decades and chronic unemployment at its worst level since The Great Depression. Good job, Barack!