How much has Michelle Obama′s vacation trip to Africa cost? For security reasons, an exact figure is unknown. The estimates range anywhere from $2 Million dollars a day to $10 Million per day, depending on how many vehicles and support equipment from America was brought along for her use. My guess is that she and her entourage, including staff, children, her mother as well as cousins and friends is probably on the higher end. So while continuing her $100 Million dollar African safari vacation, she took a few moments to be interviewed by CNN, where the First Lady thanked the media when asked about the upcoming election. “Fortunately, we have help from the media. I have to say this: I am very grateful for the support and kindness that we’ve gotten.”

michelle obama african vacation

Michelle Obama and company will round out their 8-day visit to Africa with a private, exclusive safari in Botswana. While she has made a few ‘official’ visits, meeting with leaders and talking about youth and education, the trip to Africa has been more of a vacation. Dozens of family members and friends have accompanied her and her daughters. As far as any real, genuine official business, that would have happened the prior two weeks when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton toured Africa. So Michelle Obama′s trip is one of fluff and photo-ops.

Now, while critics may disagree with estimates of the cost of this safari vacation, even if you take the low-end of the pricing, around $18-20 Million dollars total, can you honestly say it is justified? The United States is broke! We are borrowing 42 cents of every single dollar the Federal government spends. With the nation facing a true unemployment rate of about 16% or worse, as some 14-plus million Americans have lost their jobs since her husband, Barack Obama took office, was taking a vacation overseas a good idea? Could not Michelle Obama had taken her friends and family to the Gulf Coast, still suffering economically after her husband bungled the BP oil spill disaster?

So how much is Michelle Obama′s African safari vacation costing American taxpayers? Anywhere between $20 Million to $100 Million dollars. The range largely depends on the number of vehicles to be used by her and her entourage which would have been flown there from America. Large Air Force transport jets only carry so many armor-plated SUVs and limousines. But the First Lady is obvious relaxed enough during this vacation as she admitted to CNN that the media is biased and she even went so far as to thank them for their support and kindness. True, she said this in context to the amount of privacy given to her daughters, but we know the real meaning behind the statement. Especially since she said this in regards to the upcoming reelection campaign.