On December 9 2006, I posted the following:

“I smell a rat. I think we are all being played by Barack Obama and Hilliary Clinton. These 2 need each other like a rat needs cheese. That is where my new theory starts.

Here is what I think is going on within the inner circles of the democratic party. Hilliary has obvious gaps. She is not extremely likeable and her attempts to play an evangelical have been fairly humorous to say the least. Her strength lies in the fact that, like her or not, she is taken seriously and has been on the world stage for 15 years now. Obama, on the other hand, is very likeable and has the ability to cross into “virgin� territory. His performance at Rick Warren’s church was nothing less than brilliant. He is articulate and can speak off the cuff while Hilliary needs to be prepared to handle almost anything. Does anyone remember her listening tour in 2000? Can you imagine Obama on a listening tour?

Obama’s problem is his lack of experience. He is a very bright person and has an incredible future. However, this country will not elect someone with such limited experience to the Presidency. Now the Vice-Presidency is a different issue.

Can you see how Hilliary and Obama fill each others gaps? Hilliary needs Obama for his likeability and the chance to capture a small percentage of evangelicals while Obama needs to increase his profile. I think the deal has already been worked out whereas Obama will be Hilliary’s VP candidate. In the meantime, the democrats need to make this guy a rock star. It is working. By 2008, the team of Clinton/Obama could be extremely formidable in a general election. The party will probably allow Obama to compete in the primaries, however he and Hilliary will not attack the other. Obama helps Clinton in 2008 and positions himself in 2016 when he will have the experience to be electable. Also, the country should be even further along in it’s willingness to accept a minority President.

Again, I think the deal has already been made. Watch how they interact and avoid criticizing one another. The whole Obama for President is nothing more than theatre”.

It is really nice that Newt Gingrich agrees with my thinking, even if he is almost 8 months behind the curve. Has anything changed that would make this prediction less likely. Oh, and 1 moe thing – the Clinton/Obama ticket will be very hard, perhaps impossible, to beat. Make Fred Thompson the GOP candidate and come Nov 1, 2008, we will all be wondering how to keep the dems below 60 seats in the senate.