Leave it to Al Gore to say the craziest things! Both he and Bill Clinton have become critical of Barack Obama on environmental issues like global warming, saying Obama is not doing enough. Al Gore is now less concerned with carbon emissions and green house gases as he is with babies. Yes, Al Gore thinks that babies, those adorable human infants, are a form of pollution themselves!

al gore

So now Al Gore wants Obama to restrict the number of babies born. After all, the fewer babies, the less new mouths to feed. The long term effect will be fewer adults driving automobiles, flying airplanes heating homes and burning fossil fuels in general. Gore is not alone in this thinking. Barack Obama′s very own Science Czar, John Holdren, is a big fan of depopulation. Holdren has even written and spoke about using the vaccination system to promote mass sterilization. Even adding chemicals to our drinking water to discourage fertility.

So why then is Al Gore complaining? Obviously because Obama simply is not moving fast enough. With the Cap and Trade legislation failing to be passed, Gore′s vision of making billions of dollars selling phony carbon credits has been sidelined. This has made Al Gore upset, resulting in his new tact to take his anger on infants, since they are the least capable of striking back. Oh sure, maybe a baby might puke on Al Gore now and then, I know I would, but beyond that there is little that tiny babies can do.

This is why Al Gore is now charging that babies are a form of pollution. He wants Barack Obama to get on the ball and start working to end new births. Bad enough Gore and Bill Clinton are unhappy with Obama′s environmental record so far. Meanwhile, the Greenies are moving to campaign against the natural gas pipeline being built in Canada to transport fuel from Alaska to the Lower-48. Who cares about an abundant source of cheap, clean energy? The whole project was initiated by Sarah Palin, whom, as governor of Alaska, smashed the barriers of some 30 years of bureaucratic nonsense to get the pipeline started. The last thing Gore, Clinton and Obama want is for Sarah Palin to be remembered as a hero for saving America with clean, cheap energy. If Gore can stop babies from being born, then no one will be around to honor Palin.